CPS Bath/Dressing Room

This 170sf bath/dressing room, for an art-naïve artist of note in her 80’s, is transformed into a visually powerful space. An accessible, well-lit space with a laundry closet was required. A wall-hung WC & cantilevered vanity create an obstruction-free floor space. All doors slide to eliminate obtrusive door swings. Open closets allow for easy visibility. Conical fixtures throw light onto the floor while adding a jewel-like quality. Dropped ceilings, hide beams, piping & duct-work, were softened by floating lit edges. Bamboo is the prominently featured sustainable finish material. All plastered walls showcase a new art collection.

The owner/artist worked with a master decorative plasterer mixing paint until all colours of the surrounding finishes were fully yet subtlety incorporated into portions of the remaining unfinished walls. These serve as a backdrop to showcase the artist's new art collection.